Planning vaccines (like flu shot) around ProLon.

For vaccines scheduled in advance, one should not use ProLon in the week prior to the vaccine. For vaccines that are not planned in advance, if the opportunity to receive a vaccine comes up while you happen to be on ProLon, you should stop the ProLon, resume your normal diet, and take the vaccine so as not to delay potentially life-saving vaccination. Similarly, for medical procedures which are unplanned, one should not delay medical procedures because of ProLon, but rather should stop the ProLon in order to avoid any delay of life-saving treatments.

Many are asking about timing of ProLon around the COVID-19 vaccine. Because there are no studies on the impact of either nutrition or fasting on COVID vaccination, and since everyone’s health is unique, we recommend speaking to your healthcare provider about any individual questions. Here are some general considerations:

  • If your vaccine is scheduled for a future date, your healthcare provider might recommend eating normally for a week before the vaccination.
  • But if you have an opportunity to get an earlier dose of vaccine – take it! Do not delay getting the COVID vaccine because of fasting.
  • After vaccination, your provider might recommend eating normally until you are considered fully immune (3-4 weeks after the final dose).