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Slow Down Bioage & Age Gracefully
Prolon Everyday Nutrition

Prolon 5-Day Program magnify
Rejuvenate your cells, sharpen your mind, enhance your performance and improve your cardiometabolic health with this science-backed, 5-Day nutrition program.
(3x) 1-Day Reset Bundle magnify
Bundle and save with three of our one-day all-inclusive offset, detox, and reset with fasting-mimicking nutrition. Perfect to incorporate to your intermittent fasting routine.
1-Day Reset magnify
A quick, one-day reset that utilizes our patented nutrition technology to transition you quickly into ketosis and induce your body to breakdown fat and use it as fuel.
Fasting Bars magnify
Enhance fat burning by using Fasting Bar as a meal replacement. Our nutrition technology proves that it will not break your fast or decrease your ketones.
L-Protein magnify
Nourish your body and muscles with clean and complete plant-based proteins that won’t spike pro-aging pathways!
Fasting Shake magnify
Elongate your fast without impacting your level of ketosis. Enjoy as a meal replacement during your fasting window.
Longevity Chocolate magnify
Filled with antioxidants, healthy fats and supreme plant-based proteins from Apulian almonds in Italy, longevity never tasted so delicious.
L-Pill magnify
Supercharge your longevity goals by including these four powerful antioxidants and polyphynols into your daily routine: algal oil, wasabi root, green tea extract and polynols.
L-Biome magnify
Nurture the good bacteria in your gut and continue reaping the digestive benefits of your body after you fast.
L-Pill & L-Biome magnify
Our powerful longevity duo, together in a 30-day supply to support your health every day.
Longevity Bundle<br> magnify

Longevity Bundle


Transform your health into a sustainable lifestyle, for life. Backed by 25+ years of science
Intermittent Fasting Bundle magnify
Burn fat, protect muscle and improve performance with these Prolon intermittent fasting essentials.
Beginner Bundle<br> magnify

Beginner Bundle


Want to feel better, but aren’t sure where to begin? Prolon’s Beginner Bundle is for you.