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Daily Plan
Notes: The nutrition biotechnology used to create the 1-Day Reset, Fasting Shake and Fasting Bar are the same as the formulations used in the Prolon 5-Day Program.

Consuming the Fasting Shake or Fasting Bar will not count as breaking your fast! The Fasting Shake and Fasting Bars can be used as a breakfast or post-dinner snack on the other days of the week to help you to either elongate your overnight fast or begin your fast at night.

The 1-Day Reset will allow you to follow a guided, full-day fast using our science backed nutrition formulations.

You'll have enough product for 4 weeks.

1-Day Reset

ProLon Reset provides a complete day of innovative nutrition formula that was scientifically tested and patented to feed your body while keeping it in a physiological fasting state. This Nutrition Program induces your body to breakdown fat and use it as fuel, similar to when you water fast.

  • • Take a break
  • • Get a fresh start
  • • Balance out over-indulgence

Fasting Shake

The best from nature, nurtured by ProLon longevity science — a breakthrough in nutrition and healthy aging science. The proprietary blend of Fasting Shake avoids triggering the body's response to food, keeping it in a fasting, fat-burning state for longer! 

  • • Extend your fasting window
  • • Chocolate or Vanilla
  • • Nourish your body

Fasting Bars

Intermittent Fasting Bar is the only nutrition bar you can eat during your fasting window without taking you out of a fasting state. Based on the nutrition technology of Fasting Mimicking Nutrition, and with over 20 years of research, scientists studied how unique blends of macronutrients and micronutrients could be consumed without kicking your body out of a fasting state. 

  • • Clinically tested & developed
  • • Plant based protein
  • • Gluten-free, Soy-free, Dairy-Free

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