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Intermittent Fasting (IF) Bundle

Food-First Fasting | Keto Approved | Accelerated Performance

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Here’s how to use this IF trio together:

Daily Plan
Notes: After your initial 3-month onboarding with Prolon 5-Day, we suggest using this program 3x a year for longevity maintenance. When you are in-between Prolon cycles, use the 1-Day Reset at least one day each week as your 24-hour fast, and the Fasting Bars on the other days of the week to elongate your intermittent fasting schedule.

Eating the Fasting Bar will not count as breaking your fast! The nutrition technology used to create the Fasting Bar is the same as the formulations used in the Prolon 5-Day Program. Using the Fasting Bar as a breakfast, dinner replacement or after dinner snack on the days that you are not following Prolon 5-Day or the 1-Day Reset will help you to either elongate your overnight fast or begin your fast at night.

You'll have enough product for 4 weeks.

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