More and Healthier Tomorrows

More and Healthier Tomorrows

Partner with us to bring longevity and health products to your workforce, patients, and customers

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Healthcare Providers & Clinics

  • Clinically proven improvements to metabolic health and weight loss similar to adopting a heart-healthy diet

  • Diabetes regression and remission program leads to significant weight loss and treats diabetes with less reliance on drugs

  • Access our medical staff and nutritionists, plus dietician support for your patients

Corporate Wellness Programs

  • Clinically proven jumpstart to better metabolic health, weight loss, and diabetes treatment

  • Reduced healthcare spend per-employee

  • Healthier workforce, reduced absenteeism, increased mental clarity

  • Cutting-edge healthy lifestyle benefit

Retailers, Fitness, & Wellness Centers

  • Cutting edge, category-defying, research-backed products unlike anything else on market

  • Taps into growing consumer focus on longevity and food as medicine

  • Additional revenue stream to complement your existing services & programming

Health Systems & Insurers

  • Significantly less expensive per patient per year than leading weight loss and diabetes drugs

  • Clinically proven improvements to metabolic health and weight loss similar to adopting a heart-healthy diet

  • Diabetes Regression & Remission –targets multiple organ systems to rejuvenate the cells

About Prolon

We uncovered a nutritional formulation that induces cellular rejuvenation and metabolic reset to reverse biological age.

We’ve applied this breakthrough science to our comprehensive periodic fasting programs, food, and supplements, enabling people to live longer, healthier lives.

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#1 Doctor Recommended Nutrition Program

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100+ Patents
32+ Clinical trials

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18 University Research Partners

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Validated by 2016 Nobel
Prize for Autophagy


Nutrition solutions for better metabolic health

2.5 years

Biological age reduction with Prolon 3x in a year

5.7 Ibs

Average weight loss with Prolon

11 years

Biological age reduction with Prolon 3x year for 20 years


Program completion rate

Prolon Longevity Program

Cellular Rejuvenation & Metabolic Reset

Prolon is the only nutrition program patented for promoting longevity, healthspan & protecting lean body mass. The 5-day nutrition program includes everything you need to nourish yourself with premium quality plant-based food, while inducing the cellular, metabolic, and emotional benefits of prolonged fasting. Plus, nutritionist-led coaching sessions coach you through your fast. Completing 3 cycles per year can lead to a significant reduction in biological age.

• Healthy aging
• Cellular rejuvenation
• Metabolic support
• Protects lean muscle while losing weight
• Changed relationship with food
• More energy
• Mental clarity
• Rejuvenated skin

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Precision nutrition for health & longevity


Our mission is to add more life to life, giving everyone the ability to thrive without limits beyond the boundaries of aging. Everyone should have the opportunity to attain a long and healthy life.


Our products are based on the same groundbreaking research. Clinical trials back the efficacy of our programs. Learn more here.


Get the benefits of periodic and intermittent fasting without feeling exhausted. Our nutrition doesn’t trigger the body’s nutrient-sensing pathways, keeping it in a fasting state.


95% of people who have started Prolon have completed the program. We’ve sold millions of fasting kits and are the #1 Doctor-Recommended Nutrition program.

Client testimonials

yellow stars

Well deserved investment in me!

A friend recommended Prolon to me. My goal was to reduce stomach inflammation and improve overall gut health. The program is well laid out & easy to follow. I viewed it as a well deserved investment in "me" Prolon did not disappoint, I have more energy, feel great & plan to continue down the path of healthier eating behavior for years to come.

- Nancy S.

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I had such a great experience!

Food was great. I had a lot of energy and slept well. I also lost 5 lbs which has been so hard to do! I'll definitely do Prolon again and have recommended it to friends.

- Sarah S.

yellow stars

Prolon changed my life!

Prolon changed my life. I saw significant results on day three of the 5 day program. It teaches you how to eat and more importantly how you are supposed to feel when you are eating healthy. It has inspired me continue with this journey towards maintaining my health and well-being.

- Fernando H.

yellow stars

Get the benefits of fasting...

Get the benefits of fasting without getting exhausted and burning off all the muscle. I resumed heavy weightlifting right after the fast. This really is a breakthrough.

- Sky Christopherson

yellow stars

I love the science supporting Prolon

I love the science supporting Prolon. It allows me to suggest Prolon with confidence. I have used fasting and time restricted eating in my practice for years; Prolon augments this and takes it to the next level.

- Amy Savagian, M.D.

yellow stars

I highly recommend

I highly recommend that every medical practice incorporate Prolon … and witness for themselves the many benefits it provides to patients.

- Felice Gersh, M.D.

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The ProLon plan is well organized, easy to follow

The Prolon plan is well organized, easy to follow, and well balanced throughout the day. I plan to use Prolon … to help my patients kickstart and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

- Maria Tulpan, M.D.