ProLon and medical procedures including surgery and acupuncture.

We do not have any evidence on the effect ProLon can have on the body either pre- or post-surgery of any kind, including cataracts, Lasik, or other surgeries. It is a good general guideline to wait at least 10 days after completing ProLon before undergoing any medical procedure, but please seek the advice of your healthcare provider to determine what you should or should not do prior to surgery.

Regarding the use of ProLon after surgery, you will need to ensure you have adequate healing before your fast. In addition, some medications that are used post-surgery may also be contraindications for ProLon use. For these reasons, please discuss ProLon and all related concerns with your healthcare provider before starting a fast.

Acupuncture can be considered an invasive therapy since the skin is punctured during application. As with all such therapies, we do not recommend use of ProLon at such times. In addition, because medical, personal health, and other issues may impact the body’s reaction to any therapy, we advise you seek the advice of your healthcare provider.