What scientific data is there to support ProLon ingredients, formulation, and use?
The proprietary dietary formulation for ProLon is based on over 20 years of scientific research, including preclinical (animal) and clinical trials. Many studies were conducted to develop the exact micro- and macro-nutrient ratio required to optimize nourishment but mimic fasting...
Can you send me a copy of the clinical trial(s)?
If you would like to discuss our clinical trials, you can contact our customer service department to connect to a Medical Science Liaison (MSL). The MSL can explain the context of the studies and answer additional questions you may have. We...
I want to take part in a clinical trial - can I?
Customers can contact the principal investigator listed for any ongoing clinical trials, if they are interested. The current list of clinical trials can be found at: https://www.l- nutra.com/clinical-trials.