Top Tips for how to complete the ProLon® Fasting Mimicking Diet®.

Here are our “Top Tips” for how to complete the ProLon® Fasting Mimicking Diet®.

  1. Water, Water and More Water. Stay Hydrated. Aim for around 32fl oz (1 liter) of water in addition to the L-drink and all the other fluid within the program. Note that this is a general goal, and each individual will have their own hydration needs, so listen to your body. If you feel thirsty or lightheaded, your body is telling you to drink more. Staying hydrated is one of the keys to unlocking the health benefits of ProLon.

  2. Stay Active. Light exercise, like walking or stretching is not only healthy, it also helps you "stay in the moment" and distracts you from thinking about your food cravings. Put on those walking shoes but be mindful not to overexert yourself.

  3. Share with Someone. Fasting isn't like Fight Club; you're supposed to talk about it! By letting people know you are fasting, they can support you and hold you accountable. Whether it's a family member, a co-worker, or a friend, having someone in your corner is key and will help make your fast more rewarding. Who knows, maybe they'll join you for your next round.

  4. Ommm. Meditate. Having a mindful practice can not only help calm you, keep you centered, and help you achieve inner peace, it can help with focus. Meditating helps you surmount obstacles and achieve your goals, like completing ProLon®.

  5. Be Productive. Keeping your mind and body active means that you'll be less likely to focus on your hunger. What we're saying here is, get busy! Whether it's focusing on your work, a home project, or your scrapbook hobby, stay active.

  6. Goodnight. Good sleep is one of the keys to health. Most adults need between seven and nine hours of quality sleep every night to reset and reenergize, and during ProLon the body may need even more sleep. Plan to turn in early and listen to your body. What we're saying is: zzzzzz.

  7. Coach Yourself. Constantly remind yourself why you took on this challenge. ProLon users have found that writing down their goals helps them stay motivated and succeed. Whether you “coach yourself” through journaling, recording positive affirmations on your phone, or even just verbalizing to yourself, keep reminding yourself that you have the strength to reach your goal of completing ProLon®.

  8. Give. Helping others is always rewarding, but when you're fasting, it takes on even more meaning. Whether you help at a soup kitchen, read to the elderly, or donate your time to an animal shelter, volunteering is a great way to shift your focus away from yourself, and from food, and concentrate on others.

  9. Fast with Friends. Of course, many people do this program on their own, but ProLon is also a team sport! The advantages of choosing to fast with a friend are that you’ll have a built- in support network and someone with whom to share the experience. Whether it’s your spouse, friend, or work colleague, think about buddying up!

  10. You Can Take It with You. You don’t need to eat your ProLon meals at home. Go out and enjoy the weather. Whether you pack a “ProLon picnic,” go to a dinner party, a restaurant, or to a family member’s place for dinner, bring your ProLon food and enjoy it in the company of others. Everything you need is in the box!