L-Nutra and Love.Life Telehealth Forge Trailblazing Partnership to Transform Diabetes Care

L-Nutra and Love.Life Telehealth Forge Trailblazing Partnership to Transform Diabetes Care

Collaboration expands groundbreaking care model for the nation's premier diabetes remission program

L-Nutra Inc. announces a collaborative partnership with Love.Life Telehealth to bring medical services to patients using L-Nutra's fasting-mimicking (FMD) nutrition for diabetes care. L-Nutra is a premier nutrition technology company spearheading longevity science and disease remission programs. Joining forces with Love.Life Telehealth, an integrated health and wellness company, L-Nutra Health will now be able to offer its patients bespoke virtual healthcare services nationally.

L-Nutra Health for Diabetes is a comprehensive program centered around a 5-day FMD that is scientifically developed, plant-based, and proven to activate the body's own natural healing to restore its ability to manage sugar on its own using precision nutrition. Recent research underscores the program's efficacy, with participants experiencing weight loss with just one round. Within six months, 67% of participants showed a remarkable diabetes medication reduction, a 1.4 reduction in HbA1c, 22-pound weight loss with muscle preservation, and tangible improvements in insulin resistance.

"L-Nutra's innovative approach," as highlighted by Dr. William Hsu, Chief Medical Officer and former VP of Clinics at Harvard Joslin Diabetes Centers, "is revolutionizing health outcomes without the constraints of conventional interventions. Unlike traditional methods that mandate daily lifestyle changes and escalate medication use, our 5-day focused nutrition program yields immediate weight loss after just one round. Through repeated cycles in as little as six months, the possibility of reducing diabetes medications and achieving diabetes remission is within reach."

Love.Life assumes the crucial role of a practitioner partner for L-Nutra Health, guiding patients safely through the reduction of medications during, between, and after FMD cycles.

"We are thrilled to be joining forces with the L-Nutra Health team," says Anthony Masiello, Co-founder & CEO of Love.Life Telehealth. "As an integrated health solution, we pride ourselves on providing access to premium healthcare services that emphasize prevention and the improvement of chronic disease. Our partnership will bring novel diabetes management to the patients who need it most, regardless of where they live."

L-Nutra Health for Diabetes incorporates quarterly doctor visits for medication reduction and lab monitoring. The 5-day fast with precision nutrition is especially developed for metabolic health. Members benefit from personalized one-on-one sessions with an L-Nutra Health Registered Dietician to tailor the program to member's unique needs. Members will also receive a smart scale and unlimited access to a mobile-friendly portal for daily motivations and tips. For more program information, go to L-Nutrahealth.com.

L-Nutra® is the world's leading longevity science company, creating innovative solutions that extend human healthspan. The company's patented nutrition technology offers fasting-mimicking programs and products that accelerate the body's natural cellular repair systems while nourishing the body with food.  Founded in 2009 by the University of Southern California in partnership with Dr. Valter Longo, they tout over 18 clinical trials, 50 global patents, $48 million in funded research and development from NIH, and partnerships with 18 esteemed universities around the globe. For more information, visit: www.l-nutra.com.

Love.Life Telehealth is part of Love.Life, an integrated health and wellness company that makes lasting health and vitality attainable. The company unites the power of nourishing food, holistic medical care and precision wellness therapies to promote healing, optimization, longevity and community. The company was co-founded in 2020 by Whole Foods Market co-founder and former CEO, John Mackey; Walter Robb, former co-CEO of Whole Foods; and Betsy Foster, a former executive of the grocer. For more information, visit www.love.life.