L-Nutra Reveals World's First Patent-Pending Protein Formula for Healthy Aging to Pioneer Nutrition-Focused Health Solutions

L-Nutra Reveals World's First Patent-Pending Protein Formula for Healthy Aging to Pioneer Nutrition-Focused Health Solutions

In a remarkable leap forward for nutrition and healthy aging, L-Nutra, the leading nutrition technology company, proudly introduces the world's first patent-pending protein designed to support healthy aging – L-Protein. This first-of-its-kind protein formula was developed by L-Nutra to support muscle function and healthspan. L-Protein, tested by leading longevity researchers, boasts 25g of specifically designed plant-based proteins and amino acids, 21 vitamins and minerals obtained from 11 fruit and vegetable extracts, and extra virgin olive oil.

L-Protein leverages research from the world's leading longevity scientists. Recent research reveals the critical role growth factors, such as insulin and IGF-1, play on human lifespan. While growth factors are necessary to support muscle strength, they can accelerate aging when consumed in excess. Animal protein sources, such as meat, poultry, dairy, and whey may increase these growth factors above the optimal range, accelerating biological age. Similarly, inadequate protein intake, as demonstrated in some strict vegan diets, does not produce enough of the necessary growth factors for optimal muscle support and healthy aging. With its precise plant-based formulation, L-Protein provides the necessary protein to support muscle mass, while also keeping growth factors in the optimal range for lifespan and healthspan. The unique formulation of plant-based proteins and amino acids in L-protein is supported by epidemiological, clinical and laboratory studies related to healthy aging.


The clean and sustainable formulation of L-Protein emphasizes L-Nutra's commitment to providing products that are not only effective but also environmentally friendly and chemical-free. L-Protein is 100% plant-based and free of GMO, gluten, lactose, soy, and silica. It is designed to support muscle maintenance, assist in weight management, and serve as a balanced protein replacement or supplementation for most people to use daily, whether as a meal replacement, after a workout, or after a fast.

L-Nutra is committed to advancing the field of nutrition technology for health. They have pioneered innovative fasting mimicking technology that has revolutionized nutritional science for enhanced healthy aging.

"Our mission is to add more life to our years through plant-based nutrition. L-Protein is another nutritional milestone to complement the healthy aging benefits of the Prolon Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD), L-Nutra's flagship program. These products are the result of over three decades of research studying the impact of various nutrition formulations on metabolism, cellular aging and rejuvenation, and healthspan," says Dr. Joseph Antoun, MD, PhD, CEO and Chairman of L-Nutra.

As the global community continues to seek sustainable and health-promoting dietary supplements, L-Nutra's L-Protein emerges as a novel nutrition technology innovation that supports healthy aging and the environment.