The Game Changer in Diabetes Management

The Game Changer in Diabetes Management

Here at L-Nutra (AKA Prolon’s parent company), we stand at the forefront of the groundbreaking shift in our society—from our current status quo of “sickcare” to a bright future of true healthcare, focused on living longer and living better. 

As many of you may know, we aren’t just in the business of adding years to your life; we also want to reduce instances of disease during all those extra years too! That’s why we also have L-Nutra Health—our “Food as Medicine” medical arm that works hand-in-hand no pun intended) with healthcare providers to bring the power of our fasting-mimicking nutrition technology to patients around the country.

Today, we are thrilled to share a monumental leap forward in our mission: L-Nutra Health has secured the first-ever patent for diabetes management and reversal. See our exciting announcement HERE. This is not just big news; it's a seismic event that underscores our dedication and pioneering approach to combating one of the most pervasive chronic diseases affecting millions worldwide.

Our achievement marks a significant milestone in the realm of preventive healthcare. We are now the only company to hold a patent on diabetes remission and regression through cellular rejuvenation, positioning us as the undisputed leaders in science-backed, nutrition-based solutions for diabetes regression and remission. This patent is a testament to our unwavering commitment to leveraging the latest in nutrition technology for cellular rejuvenation and metabolic restoration.

Our patented, innovative approach to diabetes management and regression is rooted in a tailored and unique version of the FMD, specifically designed for glucose management during the program. The full 12-month program encompasses six consecutive months of the clinically proven Prolon 5-Day diet, bi-monthly dietitian meetings, and additional personalized support to ensure the most effective intervention.

The clinical statistics from our program are nothing short of remarkable:

  • 67% of patients successfully reduced their medications.
  • There was an average of 59% reduction in insulin resistance.
  • Participants achieved an average weight loss of 22 lbs, with no muscle loss.
  • There was an impressive 1.4 reduction in A1C levels.

Our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. William Hsu says it best: "We are not just managing diabetes; we are reversing it, with or without the added benefit of weight loss.” As the former VP at Harvard’s Joslin Diabetes Center, he knows what a big deal this is: “This patent is a testament to our unwavering dedication to science-backed solutions for chronic diseases, positioning L-Nutra Health as the vanguard in preventive healthcare."

This patent is just the next step in our overarching goal to reduce the incidence of chronic diseases through our “Food as Medicine” technology.

This milestone serves not only as a promise of hope for individuals suffering from diabetes but also as an opportunity for healthcare professionals, investors, and consumers to engage with a program that reshapes the paradigm of chronic disease management.

We are redefining the landscape of healthcare, transforming the way we approach and manage chronic diseases. Together, we can look forward to a future where living longer means living better, free from the shadows of chronic illness. This is more than just big news; it's a new dawn in the world of healthcare, made possible by L-Nutra Health.

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