Can I fly during a ProLon cycle?

There are no contraindications to flying during use of ProLon, but you may have challenges if you need to eat on a long flight because the soups, the primary components of each day’s meals, are designed to be prepared over the stove or with a microwave.

You could elect to prepare the soups in 3fl oz of hot water, and add hot water in flight; or you can reserve your olives, L-Bar, and/or Choco-Crisp Bar to eat while in flight and opt for soups before departure and after arrival when you can prepare them. In addition, bringing liquids like the L-Drink onto a flight may present a challenge due to the size of the bottle (4fl oz).

Some people have reported lightheadedness, weakness, and fatigue during prolonged fasting, and these effects may make traveling more challenging. If you do elect to travel during a cycle of ProLon, we encourage you to stay well-hydrated, and not to over- caffeinate.