Prolon’s Ultimate Summer Travel Guide: Stay on Track, No Matter Where You Go!

Prolon’s Ultimate Summer Travel Guide: Stay on Track, No Matter Where You Go!

While summer travel may bring joy, adventure, and relaxation, it can also bring unpredictable mealtimes, overindulgence, and limited dining options. Yes, maintaining a healthy routine and longevity lifestyle on vacation can be challenging – but it doesn’t have to be. Prolon has got you covered with research-backed products designed to keep you on track and feeling your best, no matter where your travels take you. 

Here's your ultimate guide to traveling with Prolon:   

Fasting Bars and Fasting Shake 

Whether you’re looking to support intermittent fasting while on the road or looking to find healthy, easy on-the-go meal options, look no further than Prolon’s Fasting Bars and Fasting Shake. 

What they are: 

Prolon's Fasting Bars and Fasting Shake were formulated to avoid triggering the body's nutrient sensing pathways, ensuring that those who are fasting stay in a fasting, fat-burning mode until their next, full meal. The Fasting Bars and Fasting Shakes respond the same way in the body as a water-only fast, but with the benefit of fueling your body with essential nutrients during critical daylight hours when organs need it most.  

Why you need them on your summer travels: 

  • Breakfast Replacement 
    Fasting Bars and Fasting Shake are packed full of nutrients, providing essential nourishment without spiking blood sugar levels and keeping you in a fat-burning mode - setting you up with a healthy, convenient breakfast to start your day.   
  • Post-Dinner Snack 
    The Fasting Bars and Fasting Shakes were designed to be nutritious and curb hunger, providing the perfect post-dinner snack to keep you satiated until the morning.  
  • Support Intermittent Fasting (IF) 
    For those following IF routines while traveling, these bars and shakes can help you stay aligned with your goals - both are formulated to nourish your body while maintaining and extending its fasting state.   

How to Use: 

Keep a few Fasting Bars with you for easy access or mix individual Fasting Shake packets with water for a quick, nutritious drink on the go – no blending equipment needed! When using to support IF, the bars and shakes are best enjoyed during either your morning IF window or as a late-night snack before bed. With 12 bars in a box and 14 sachets of shakes in a bag, you’re set for almost a full month of traveling. 

Different flavors to choose from (bars: Chocolate Chip, Coconut Macadamia, Nuts and Honey, or Variety Pack, and shakes: Chocolate or Vanilla), give you plenty of options to suit your preferences. Plus, the bars and shakes are plant-based, packed with healthy fats, and free of gluten, dairy, and soy, ensuring you stay nourished and fueled wherever your summer adventures take you. 


Maintaining optimal protein levels (especially high-quality protein) while traveling - particularly with certain dietary restrictions such as being vegan, or dairy/soy/meat free - can be hard. Look no further than L-Protein, the effortless way to meet both your protein and longevity goals.   

What it is:  

L-Protein is the first patent-pending protein developed to support healthy aging and longevity. It was scientifically formulated to maintain ideal protein levels and help promote muscle health without excessively spiking IGF-1, a growth hormone that, when elevated by animal-based proteins like meat, dairy, poultry, and whey, can accelerate aging. Conversely, inadequate amounts of protein can also have the same effect. With 25g of plant-based proteins – the best type of protein for healthy aging - plus 21 essential vitamins and minerals, and extra virgin olive oil (loaded with antioxidants to support healthy aging), L-Protein promotes balanced protein levels for all.  

 Why you need it on your summer travels:  

  • Healthy Snacking - L-Single serving packets and a shaker bottle are easy to carry with you and all you need – just add water and in moments you have a nutritious, satisfying snack that helps keep your energy levels up! 
  • Meal Replacement 
    Developed as a complete protein replacement and packed with essential nutrients, L-Protein makes a quick and convenient meal substitution when protein (or high-quality, plant-based protein) is scarce - particularly valuable for those with limited dietary options such as vegans. 
  • Recovery and Maintenance - For travelers maintaining a workout regimen, L-Protein aids in muscle recovery and maintenance, whether used post-workout or as a meal replacement.  

How to Use: 12 individual sachets come in one bag, making it easy to travel with. Simply add one packet into a cup of water and stir or shake well – no equipment needed! 

Available in two delicious flavors, Chocolate and Berry, L-Protein not only delivers on taste, but also on health benefits. With its clean, sustainable, and low-glycemic formula, and free from GMO, gluten, lactose, soy, and silica, it's a protein dream come true for travelers. 


Many different aspects of vacation, including indulging in both local cuisines while traveling and back at home with summer barbeques and family gatherings, can disrupt your digestive system. Not to worry! L-Biome is your go-to for keeping a healthy microbiome during the summer.  

What it is:  
Prolonged fasting, such as Prolon’s 5-Day FMD, can help to foster beneficial gut bacteria growth for microbiome health. L-Biome combines prebiotic fiber and two essential probiotics shown to flourish after the 5-Day FMD, mirroring the post-fasting gut. With DHA to support healthy aging and gut health, and all housed in dual-cap technology for enhanced absorption and bioavailability, L-Biome ensures you receive the optimum dosage of ingredients in the most safe and effective way possible. 

Why you need it on your summer travels: 

  • Digestive Support 
    Formulated to support healthy digestion, L-Biome can help support your gut while you’re on the road.  
  • Immune Health 
    A healthy gut is crucial for maintaining a strong immune system, which is especially important when you’re exposed to new environments and stressful travel schedules.  
  • Maintain Your Fasting Gut 
    You’ve been doing your 5-Day FMD cycles and enjoying the benefits. With L-Biome, you can maintain the gut you cultivated, even while traveling. 

 How to Use: Take two capsules daily, preferably with a meal. In a compact and convenient box, a one-month supply is easy to keep with you, wherever you are. No refrigeration needed.  

Happy gut = happy travels!  

1-Day Reset 

With so many good things to eat and drink, perhaps you overindulged a bit too much (and hopefully enjoyed every minute!). Have no fear. The 1-Day Reset is designed to get you back on track, quickly.  

What it is:  

Based on the nutrition technology of Prolon’s 5-Day Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD), the 1-Day Reset is the only scientifically backed 24-hour nutrition kit designed and patented to nourish your body with essential nutrients while keeping it in a fasting state. This allows your body to break down fat stores to use as fuel – giving you that full body reset.    

Why you need it on your summer travels:  

  • Balance and Reset  - In one day, Prolon 1-Day Reset provides the benefits of water fasting and supports cellular renewal through precisely designed nutrients, offering a deep cellular cleanse. 
  • Intermittent Fasting (IF) - If you are practicing IF on your travels, such as the 6:1 or 5:2 method, use the 1-Day Reset within your fasting days and enjoy vacation deliciousness on the others. 
  • Post-Trip Recovery - Returning home after a trip can leave you feeling out of sync. Use the 1-Day Reset to bounce back, or to kick off a new starting point. 

How to use: Everything you need for one day is in one box, laid out in precise portions, making it convenient, and easy to use and travel with. Plus, did we mention it’s plant-based, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy free, vegan, non-GMO?  Give your body a 1-day breather on the go, leaving you ready to both continue your travels rejuvenated and renew your healthy routine when you get home. 

With Prolon, enjoy every moment of your vacation - without compromising your health and longevity goals. Happy travels!