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Presented by Dr. Laurie Marbas

Hypertension Summit: How Fasting Mimicking Diets Can Support Healthy Blood Pressure

We share your passion to learn more about managing your blood pressure and gain key insight into living a happier, heart healthy life. That’s why we’re inviting you to a special event to take the next step in your cardiovascular health journey.

Join us for a free live webinar with Dr. Laurie Marbas where he will share the opportunity for Fasting Mimicking Diets (FMDs) to support healthy blood pressure and answer all your FMD questions. This could be the turning point you’ve been waiting for. Reserve your spot now!

Here's why Prolon is the answer for you:

  • Supports Healthy Blood Pressure: Multiple cycles of Prolon 5-Day Program have been clinically shown to support healthy blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and weight. Keeping these in check are critical for health optimization.
  • Get Better Results With 6x Less Time: Prolon is as effective as the Mediterranean diet in supporting many measures of heart health, and unlike the Med Diet (and most other dietary solutions), it also protects your muscle, allowing long term results. Plus Prolon users only needed to commit to 20 days over 4 months, while those on the Med Diet needed 120 consecutive days!
  • Maximize Your Biological Age Score: Recent studies show that you can reduce your biological age score by as much as 2.5 years with just 3 consecutive cycles of Prolon—that's a mere 15 days across 90 days.
  • And as a bonus, a Q&A session with Dr. Laurie Marbas where she’ll answer your most pressing questions about tackling inflammation and chronic health concerns.

    It’s all happening LIVE on April 16th, at 4.00 PM Pacific. But seats are limited, so be sure to save your spot now.

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    Hosted By:

    Dr. Laurie Marbas

    Dr. Laurie Marbas is a distinguished dual board-certified physician in family and lifestyle medicine, renowned for her advocacy of nutrition as a cornerstone of health. Holding medical licenses in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, her influence extends nationwide. As the co-founder of The Healing Kitchen, Dr. Marbas uniquely combines culinary skills with medical knowledge, creating a holistic approach to wellness. Her professional endeavors also include significant roles in Mora Medical and Plant-Based TeleHealth, through which she amplifies her impact.

    A celebrated alumna of Texas Tech University, Dr. Marbas was awarded the Gold Headed Cane Award, a testament to her exceptional dedication to patient care. Her experience extends beyond the medical field into her service as a US Air Force veteran, where she undertook missions in the Middle East and South America, showcasing her versatility and commitment to service.

    Dr. Marbas’s expertise offers a clear and natural strategy to combat hypertension, emphasizing the power of lifestyle and dietary changes. Her approach is not just about treating conditions but about transforming lives through informed healthful choices. By leveraging her extensive knowledge and experience, Dr. Marbas guides patients toward improved health and a better quality of life.

    By joining this summit you can expect to leave with a clear understanding of foods and exercises beneficial for hypertension and, an awareness of factors contributing to high blood pressure. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from Dr. Marbas and other experts in the field, and take a significant step towards a healthier, more informed lifestyle.

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