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A Fast Way to
Weight Loss

A Fast Way to
Weight Loss

As summer approaches, weight loss becomes a top priority for many

If you’re ready for a much-needed reset to lose weight gained during the past few months, then the ProLon® Fasting Mimicking Diet can definitely help.

Fasting with ProLon offers an exceptional way to help you quickly lose weight and shed excess belly fat, so you can soon begin to look, feel and perform your best! A 5-day cycle of ProLon once a month for four months was clinically shown to help individuals:

• Lose an average of 8.2 lbs. and 1.6 inches off their waist circumference
• Reduce that hard-to-lose, visceral (belly fat)
• Lower BMI as effectively as a heart-healthy diet every day for 120 days
• Achieve a similar weight loss effect as a heart-healthy diet every day for 120 days

Benefits Beyond Weight Loss

The ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet is a tasty 5-day meal plan unlike any other; one that offers a scientific combination of plant-based foods, to not only initiate weight loss and fat reduction*, but also enable you to experience additional physical benefits..

Because the ProLon® Diet provides your body with essential nutrients while it’s operating in fasting mode, after multiple consecutive cycles you’re actually able to:

• Maintain lean body mass—something normally lost during a traditional prolonged fast
• Activate autophagy – the process of removing damaged and worn-out cellular components
• Support cellular rejuvenation for healthy aging

Weight Loss Without Hunger

Plus, you’ll get all these fasting benefits, including weight loss and fat reduction, without giving up food or going hungry. Learn more about how the Fasting Mimicking Diet enables you to support your body with better health while you lose weight and get on track to a healthier lifestyle

*Benefit seen with multiiple consecutive cycles of ProLon.