Everyday Longevity Box

Add Everyday Longevity Nutrition to enhance your results and fuel your body after your fast.
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Daily Plan
Notes: Consuming the fasting bar will not count as breaking your fast and will keep your ketones elevated! The nutrition biotechnology used to create the Fasting Bar is the same as the formulations used in the Prolon 5-Day FMD. This means that when using them as a breakfast or dinner replacement will help you to either elongate your overnight fast, or begin your fast at night.

You'll have enough product for 4 weeks.


Formulated with 25g of complete, plant-based amino acids to support muscle synthesis and repair while also keeping IGF-1, a pathway known to accelerate aging, low for optimal aging. L-Protein is the only powder patent pending for healthy aging.

  • • Optimal muscle & body support
  • • 25g High protein, low carbs
  • • 21 vitamins & minerals

Fasting Bars

Intermittent Fasting Bar is the only nutrition bar you can eat during your fasting window without taking you out of a fasting state. Based on the nutrition technology of Fasting Mimicking Nutrition, and with over 20 years of research, scientists studied how unique blends of macronutrients and micronutrients could be consumed without kicking your body out of a fasting state. 

  • • Clinically tested & developed
  • • Plant based protein
  • • Gluten-free, Soy-free, Dairy-Free


A delicous and health minded chocolate spread! L-Spread contains 74% Apulian Almonds — almonds that are sourced from longevity areas in Italy. Enjoy as a daily breakfast, as a snack, desert, or spoon full!  

  • • Contains 74% Alpulian Almonds
  • • Rich in Vitamin E, Calcium, & Magnesium
  • • Plant-based, healthy fats, prebiotic fiber


Developed by leading longevity scientists and doctors in collaboration with The Longevity Institute at The University of Southern California. Dual-cap technology that supports healthy aging of the body’s cells and organs.

  • • Sustained Energy
  • • Brain Health
  • • Cardiovascular Health