Trying to conceive?

Prolon has not been specifically evaluated for its impact on fertility or conception. While we do not have dedicated research on Prolon in relation to conception, it's important to note that improving cardiometabolic health can positively influence fertility. Prolon has been shown to support various metrics of cardiometabolic health, including weight loss, insulin sensitivity, healthy blood pressure and healthy cholesterol, among others. Some healthcare providers, including certain obstetricians and gynecologists (OBGYNs), may recommend incorporating Prolon as part of pre-conception health optimization.

We advise consulting with your OBGYN before considering Prolon while trying to conceive, as they can offer insights tailored to your unique circumstances and help you make informed decisions regarding your pre-conception journey. If your healthcare provider is unfamiliar with Prolon, we are more than happy to connect with them directly to provide additional information.

If you are looking for additional supervision and support in maximizing your metabolic health as part of your preparation for a health pregnancy, L-Nutra Health offers a Metabolic Health Program. This program offers an adapted FMD designed specifically for metabolic health, and includes 1-on-1 support from trained Longevity and Metabolic Health dietitians. For more information, you can go to