What if food outside of the ProLon kit was eaten during one day of the diet, such as at a social event?

The ProLon kit was carefully designed to be the sole source of food intake during the 5-day fast, and the clinical studies proving its benefits were completed without the addition of any extra food. We strongly encourage you to stick to eating just what is in the box for each day, and we recommend you do not consume anything additional, as eating additional food will impact the effectiveness of ProLon. However, if you do end up eating something extra, don't quit! Just go back to the program, and call the coach to talk about what went wrong so they can help you avoid temptation as you go forward. . 

It’s so important that we’ll repeat ourselves – don’t beat yourself up if you give in to temptation. Each time you do ProLon it gets easier, so just don’t give up. Call us, we are here to support you!