What if I get really hungry as I'm doing ProLon®?

Keep in mind that there’s a difference between cravings and hunger. Cravings are normal while doing ProLon, and generally pass within a short period of time. To address cravings, keep yourself distracted, and drink sparkling water (unflavored, unsweetened) and/or non-caffeinated, herbal teas. Like cravings, hunger also generally passes quickly, and we strongly recommend against eating "extra" food, which could take your body out of the fasting state. If your hunger is intolerable, as a last resort before breaking your fast, you may have a slice or two of apple, OR 1 stalk of celery, OR 1 small Persian (“baby”) cucumber of 5-6 inches in length per day. If you add more than one of these additions, it will likely stop your body from being in a fasting state.