Fasting Week Resources - Fasting Week E-Mails

Email #1 – Fasting Week Challenge 

 Subject Line: Your Upcoming Fast  


Ready to make a positive change to how you look and just 5 days? From weight loss to cellular rejuvenation there are so many benefits to experience through the power of fasting with ProLon® 

Best of all, you’ll do it with me, and a community of fellow fasters striving to accomplish similar health and wellness goals. 


Sure, you can complete the ProLon fast on your own, but it’s easier and more fun with the support of likeminded fasters...including myself! 

Important: You’ll need to order your ProLon kit before [date] to receive it in time for the start of Fasting Week: [date] 


Order your ProLon kit by [date] to ensure delivery by [date] 

Already have your ProLon kit? Register now [link]  

Doing ProLon in a group setting—along with my personal guidance—will be fun and engaging, and inspire you to establish new, healthy habits for greater wellness. 

ProLon Fun Fact: 95% of people complete ProLon on their first try! 

ProLon benefits are truly incredible: 

  • Quick start to weight loss 
  • Reduced belly fat without loss of lean body mass* 
  • Cellular clean up and rejuvenation that supports healthy aging* 
  • Improved relationship with food 
  • Plus, users surveyed say they experience better mental clarity, focus and energy 

*Benefits seen with multiple consecutive cycles of ProLon  



Email #2 – Fasting Week Challenge  

Subject Line: Your Pre-fast Kickoff  

Can’t wait to see you at the upcoming 

Fasting Week Challenge 

Hi, [Name] 

You’re all set to participate in my Fasting Week Challenge group, and I hope you’re as excited as I am.  

On Sunday, I’ll be hosting a live Zoom pre-fast kickoff call: 

[Time of scheduled call]  

JOIN LIVE ZOOM [button] 

During this pre-fast kickoff call, I'll be sharing some great tips on how to prepare for the upcoming fast as well as answer your questions.   

You’ll also get to meet others in the group who will be taking the same journey and encouraging you to succeed every step of the way.  

Together we can do this! 

[HCP Name] 


Email #3 (Day 1)  

Today it begins! Your body is preparing for cellular cleaning by starting the fasting process...but with food! Day 1 is the highest calorie day, so you shouldn’t be experiencing much hunger today.  

A few important things to consider before getting started:  

  • Be sure to follow the instructions in your ProLon® kit, and don’t forget to take the supplements, teas, and food as instructed.  
  • Try not to skip any meals or snacks, and don’t substitute anything that isn’t already in the box, as the way that ProLon blends food is scientifically designed to put your body in a fasting state.  

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Email #4 (Day 2)  

You’re on your way! Today, your body is realizing that you won’t be feeding it that bagel or double hazelnut latte any time soon, so it’s making adjustments on where it’s finding fuel. In other words, this is the day when ketosis usually begins. As a result, you might be feeling less energetic today, but that’s totally normal and part of this process. Remember, rejuvenating your cells is worth it! 

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Email #5 (Day 3)  

Today your body is tapping into your ever-so-important ketones, plus you’re continuing the fat burning process, especially belly fat! Cell rejuvenation has begun in earnest. Think of it as your body’s natural way of cleaning out your old, worn-out components in your cells, then rejuvenating the cells. Goodbye dead weight, hello more optimized cells. 

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Email #6 (Day 4) 

Today is a big day because you’ll feel some of the benefits of the sacrifices you’ve made over the last three days. And you’ll continue to burn fat and clean and rejuvenate your cells. You should be feeling more energetic, but don’t push it and over-exercise.  

Avoid strenuous activity, but feel free to walk or do some light stretching. Remember, while you do get to eat on ProLon®, it’s a very low-calorie diet. There’s plenty of time for exercise once you’re done. 

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Email #7 (Day 5) 

It's almost time to celebrate! Days 1 and 2 feel like a distant memory, right? On Day 5, many people report feeling fantastic and I hope that you’re in that camp!  

Take a moment to give thanks. Look at the last several days with gratitude that you’re starting new healthy habits. It’s also a time to look forward. Tomorrow, you’ll be back to choosing your own food and planning your own meals.  

Download the ProLon® Transition Day Meal Guide for healthy eating suggestions and a shopping list. 

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Email #8 (Day 6) 

You must be feeling great about finishing ProLon® and might be tempted to ignore my suggestions on the best way to move forward. Hey, I get it! But I’m here to urge you not to break the rules.  

Just as your body had to get used to an alternative way to nourish itself, you might confuse your body if you go back to old eating habits and “break your fast” too aggressively. With that in mind, keep it to light meals today, preferably starting with liquids like soups and low sugar juices.  

Small amounts of whole grain rice or pasta paired with a small amount of protein and small amounts of fruits and vegetables can also be beneficial. And make sure to stay well hydrated. 

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