Holiday Survival Guide

Holiday Survival Guide

Can Festive and Fasting Coexist? We Say Yes!

The holiday season is upon us – a time of joy, celebration, and, of course, delicious treats. But how do we indulge without compromising our health goals? Prolon’s Holiday Survival Guide is here to help you navigate this festive season with health and happiness at the forefront!

Eat Your Pie and Have it Too!

We get it, the holiday season is bustling, and finding five days to commit to a full fast might not be on your wishlist.

But, who said fasting has to be all or nothing? This holiday season, we're redefining how you can incorporate fasting into your schedule. You might not have five days to dedicate to our 5-Day Nutrition Program, and that's perfectly fine. We're here to tell you that even incorporating elements of Prolon into your daily routine can make a significant difference for managing your weight, glucose levels and ability to burn fat even WITH the holiday desserts. Think of it as your daily dose of wellness – amidst the gingerbread cookies and eggnog, incorporating Prolon will help make each day a step towards sustained health.

1. The 1-Day Reset: Your Quick Wellness Boost

Enter the 1-Day Reset. It's a simple, effective way to recalibrate your system after you overindulge. Our 1-Day Reset offers a scientifically formulated approach to give your body a brief, powerful break for restoration and rejuvenation. The goal of the Reset is to prolong your overnight fast another 24 hours, and help you reap the tremendous metabolic and cellular benefits related to ketogenesis (using fat for fuel) and insulin regulation. You can also use the 1-Day Reset as part of a 5:2 fasting lifestyle - two days of fasting nutrition, 5 days of traditional food - helping your body more effectively break down fat and use it as fuel. Research shows that even short-term fasting can initiate cellular repair processes and optimize metabolic functions. 

2. Fasting Bar and Fasting Shake

These two products are your holiday health secret weapons. Since holiday gatherings and shared meals are plentiful this season, we know how important flexibility (and ease) is our Fasting Bar and Fasting Shake are grounded in the science of our patented nutrition technology. These products are designed to be consumed during your fasting window without breaking your fast. Scientifically, they help maintain elevated ketone levels, which are key in promoting fat burn and optimizing energy levels. Consuming these as a breakfast (or dinner!) replacement, for instance, extends your fasting window, allowing you to continue burning fat for fuel into your next meal. These choices provide a simple switch that can be your secret weapon, a nod to wellness amidst the revelry. It's not about avoiding the festive spread; it's about complementing it with mindful choices.

3. Social Gatherings: Celebrating Longevity

Remember, longevity isn't just about what we eat, but how we live. Social gatherings and connecting with your community and loved ones, as exemplified in the Blue Zones, are a key ingredient to living a long and healthy life. These moments contribute to our happiness and longevity. So, as you plan your holiday gatherings, know that these moments of connection are just as important as your diet.

Why This Works:

Who says you can't have your pie and eat it too? With Prolon, you can. Fasting, as supported by extensive research, positively impacts health by promoting cellular autophagy, reducing inflammation, and improving metabolic efficiency. 

By starting (or ending) your day with a Fasting Shake or Fasting Bar, you prolong your overnight fast, keeping ketone levels high. Participating in a 1-day Reset allows you to prolong your fast even longer to continue to reap the powerful benefits of fasting during the holiday season. This scientific approach allows you to burn fat for energy, aligning with your health goals while enjoying all of your favorite festive treats. And last but not least, choosing to spend time with family and loved ones, has scientifically been shown to prolong your life, and increase your happiness.

Be sure to read all about Time Restricted Feeding (TRF) in a recent blog about intermittent fasting. This will help you to better understand how our Fasting Bar and Fasting Shake can be incorporated into your routine. 

In this whirlwind of indulgence, the power of making one healthy choice each day is the pinnacle of balance and self-care. It's a simple yet profound act that echoes through your entire well-being. 

By following our Holiday Survival Guide schedule, you’ll be able to truly embrace a holistic approach to wellness this holiday season! 

Mark Your Calendars!

So what are you waiting for? We're sharing our fun, Holiday Survival Guide calendar for the holiday season and we want you to join us! Each day offers a helpful Prolon hack to harness the power of fasting and help you navigate the festive feasts while staying true to your health goals.

Share Your Journey

The holidays are about sharing, and we'd love to see how you incorporate Prolon into your seasonal celebrations. Whether it's a post about choosing the Fasting Bar in the morning before indulging in a slice of your favorite flavor of pie or a tweet about your 1-Day Reset experience we want you to share your participation on social media and tag us! Your journey could inspire others to find their balance this holiday season.

This holiday season, let's celebrate with a new perspective. Indulge in your favorite holiday treats, embrace the joy of the season, and renew your commitment to wellness with Prolon's Holiday Survival Guide. Remember, it's not about restricting yourself; it's about empowering yourself to enjoy the holidays healthily and happily. Let's raise a glass (of a Prolon Fasting Shake!) to a season filled with balance, wellness, and a slice of joy!

Happy Holidays and Happy Health from the Prolon Family!

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