Could You Live Longer and Healthier by Reducing Your Biological Age

Could You Live Longer and Healthier by Reducing Your Biological Age

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The harsh truth? Aging is inevitable. The prospect of wrinkles, fading energy, and the gradual decline of physical and mental abilities is enough to make anyone wish for a pause button on the relentless ticking clock.  

Could there be a middle ground? A world where we can age, but do so in a body maintains its health and strength and is full of life? As it turns out, there could be. 

So, what’s the key to adding more life to your years? Proper nutrition and scientific research. Thankfully, scientists at Dr. Valter Longo’s team of researchers at USC’s Longevity Institute have dedicated their studies to solidifying their most recent massive scientific breakthrough that could completely change the way we perceive aging, radically transforming the future of wellness through nutrition. The most recent study published in Nature Communications suggests the possibility of actually reducing your biological age score by 2.5 years in just three months. 

The secret here: the fasting-mimicking diet (FMD). In fact, this study exclusively used L-Nutra’s Prolon 5-Day as the FMD provided to participants to determine their biological age improvements. 

The randomized clinical trial involved participants aged 18 to 70 who underwent three consecutive cycles of Prolon, a precision nutrition program designed to mimic the effects of prolonged fasting. The study utilized a biological age score, a phenotypic score developed by the University of Southern California based on extensive NHANES data, to measure key metabolic changes - and the results were nothing short of remarkable, with participants experiencing a median reduction in their bio-age score by 2.5 years upon completion of the third cycle. 

"These groundbreaking findings are another testimony to the importance of Prolon as a main intervention for healthy longevity,” said Dr. Joseph Antoun, L-Nutra’s CEO. “We believe that Prolon and other FMDs in our pipeline can, in certain cases, be more effective in contributing to improving healthcare and healthspan compared to the current sick-care system. With over two decades of R&D and 22 clinical trials from 18 university medical research centers, the Fasting Mimicking Nutri-Technologies are emerging as paradigm shifting interventions in the ‘Nutrition for Longevity’ and ‘Food as Medicine’ markets."  

Based on a health simulation, the study also calculated health proejctions based on the potential benefits of following Prolon 3x a year between the ages of 50 - 70. The simulation projects that regular use of FMD this might impact the risk factors for certain chronic diseases. Among those with elevated risk factors for disease, the health projections suggest a potential reduction in: 

  • Diabetes risk 
  • Cerebrovascular risk  
  • Heart risk 
  • All cause mortality 
  • Cancer risk 

Here at L-Nutra, we are committed to supporting the advancement of scientific understanding and practical applications of nutrition for living longer and healthier. This is the future of longevity, reigning true to our mission to advance the field of nutrition technology for health. We all want to slow the sands of time and unravel the secrets of aging, and this is only the beginning.  

This isn't just about tacking on more numbers to our chronological age; it's a cosmic leap forward in our understanding of human biology and food as medicine, and healthcare will never be the same.